There are six figure grades available within UK synchronised swimming and there are two assessment days held in Scotland each year where swimmers can be officially assessed. Swimmers may also attend assessment days in England.
Swimmers will be advised in advance if they have been selected to attend a figure grade assessment day.

All figure grades have splits elements so it is very important for all swimmers to be stretching at home so that they achieve flat splits as soon as possible.

Figure Grade Documents

The figure grade documents are below:

Depending on the marks for each element in the figure grade, the swimmer will be awarded either Bronze (average of 5.0), Silver (average of 6.0) or Gold (average of 7.0). If the swimmer has an average of less than 5.0, or has two or more elements with a mark below 4.5, the swimmer will have failed the assessment.

The full conditions are here.


Here are the videos for the elements at each grade:

Routine grades and land grades have been introduced. More information can be found here.


The full FINA manual is here.