Synchro Cup International Competition – Luxembourg – May 2018

Edinburgh’s 13-15 team went on a trip to Luxembourg over the weekend of 4 to 6 May to take part in the Synchro Cup, which is an international competition featuring 441 swimmers from 25 clubs from eight different countries. It was a full-on weekend with the swimmers flying to Brussels and then getting a three hour train to Luxembourg.
The 13-15 solo competition was on the Friday night so Niamh didn’t have any time to rest once they arrived. She performed really well and, after the figures scores were added, came 15th out of 21 swimmers. As she choreographed the Snakes vs Iguanas routine herself she was particularly proud that she came 8th on Artisic Impression.

Niamh ready for her solo

The figures competition was on Saturday morning and with 161 swimmers it was good practice for the Scottish and England Age Groups competitions coming up at the end of the year. There was a lot of waiting around! Their final positions were:
Niamh – 26th
Cara – 54th
Cale – 80th
Mae – 115th
Kiku – 122nd
Torri – 123rd
Natalia – 141st
Baylee – 142nd
Niamh came joint first in the Ariana and Cara came joint 23rd in the Rio.
On Saturday afternoon Cale and Niamh performed their Wonder Woman duet. It was a crowd-pleaser and afterwards a younger swimmer asked them if she could have a photo with them in their costumes! They came 17th out of 28. A great result.
The Wonder Women drying their hair after gelatining

Sunday morning was taken up preparing for the 13-15 team routine. They swam the routine really well and came 14th.
It was a successful weekend at the swimmers’ first international competition.
Videos of the routines are here.
Here are some more photos from the competition: