Synchronised Swimming Club 40th Celebration Event

The Merlin in Morningside on Sat 8th September was where the Edinburgh Synchronised Swimming Club held their 40th Celebration Event.  Many people shared old synchro news and enjoyed a selection of memorabilia, and nostalgic events describing the years since 1972.

Here are some snippets from the presentation made by Paul Richardson who looked back through the archives…

  • The first actual meeting was held on 8th January though the constitution was drafted by the end of 1972
  • Donny Osmond,David Cassidy and David Essex were thepopular singers of the era, while the Waltons was the popular TV programme of the day
  • The film of 1972 was one which spent a lot of time underwater. No not the Titanic, but the Poseidon Adventure!
  • The shoes were just as they had been in the 70′s as one of the current younger girls was wearing platforms, just what had been in fashion in 1972 (pictured).
  • The fee for the year was a mere £1.00….

Cath Fleming presented young Jennifer Bannon with a token for designing the new Club logo, which will hopefully take us into the next 40 years. A report was read out from Mary Black, a lifelong supporter of Synchro. She reminded us about some of the amusing stories she can tell, only the way Mary can!
The swimmers then presented Margo Wimberley and Cath Fleming, the two people who have run the Edinburgh Synchro Club for the last 10 years (that is a conservative timescale!) with a gift and thanks.
There was an excellent Ceilidh both before and after the presentation.  All the younger swimmers were participating great style in the dancing hall while the “older” members were talking and catching up on their lifes, in the memorabilia room. The event was a huge success. Thanks to all.