Synchro for All – 1 June 2019

Edinburgh sent a large team of 20 swimmers to the inaugural Synchro for All competition, held by the East District, in the Carnegie Leisure Centre in Dunfirmline. It had a novice section and a recreational combo section and was the first competition for many of our swimmers. Edinburgh swimmers won medals in seven of the twelve categories. Congratulations to our medalists:
Kaitlin won silver in the Novice Beginner figures.

Rosa won gold in the Novice One figures and shared the gold in the Novice One duet with Lily.

Gemma and Niamh won silver and bronze respectively in the Novice Two figures. Gemma and Orla won gold in the Novice Two duet and Lisa and Niamh won silver.

Edinburgh had two out of three teams in the Novice Combo section and one out of two teams in the Experienced Combo. Edinburgh A won the Novice Combo, with Edinburgh B third. Edinburgh won the Experienced Combo with a great display of lifts.

Full results are at the bottom of this page. It was great to see an adult novice section. We hope one day to be able to field some competitors in this section as well.
Videos of the combo routines are on our YouTube page here.
Bruce Burt, the father of Laura, the coach of the Experienced Combo, took some great photos on the day. Here is a selection….

Thanks so much to all the volunteers who helped on the day. As this was an East District competition, much of the organisation was done by Edinburgh volunteers.
thumbnail of Novice Beginner Figures thumbnail of Novice Beginner Duetthumbnail of Novice One Figures thumbnail of Novice One Duetthumbnail of Novice Two Figuresthumbnail of Novice Two Solothumbnail of Novice Two Duetthumbnail of Novice Adult Figuresthumbnail of Novice Adult Solothumbnail of Novice Adult Duetthumbnail of Novice Combothumbnail of Experienced Combo