Top Scottish Club at the Scottish Nationals 2019 – June

Edinburgh had a great weekend at the Scottish National and Age Group Championships in Drumchapel on 15/16 June, and finished by winning the Top Scottish Club trophy.
A team of 24 swimmers competed over the weekend. For the first time Edinburgh entered technical events, so the Junior swimmers were very busy over the weekend.
Saturday was figures, all technical events, 12&under duets, 13-15 solos and Junior / Senior free duet.
Niamh won silver in the National Junior elements, coming 4th overall in the open category, and bronze in the National technical solo.

Olivia and Paula won bronze in the National 12&under duet.

The technical team of Cale, Cara, Jessie and Niamh won bronze.

Two Junior duets competed. Cale and Niamh won bronze in the National Junior and Senior free duet categories.

It was great that all three of the club’s 13-15 soloists swam in the final.
On Sunday the Juniors were back in action with their solos, along with 12&under solos, 13-15 duets and all free and combination teams.

Baylee and Kiku won bronze in the National 13-15 duet with their ‘Super Mario’ routine.

The 13-15 team won gold in the National 13-15 free team and bronze in the open category of the same event with their ‘Mr Robot’ routine.

The Junior team won silver in the Junior and Senior free team categories with their ‘Deadpool’ routine.

The recreational combination team won bronze in their category with their ‘Greatest Showman’ routine.

The final event of the competition was the competitive combination routines, and more pressure was placed on the swimmers as Scottish Swimming was streaming the event live on Facebook! The club had two entries. The younger team swam their ‘Wallace & Gromit’ routine brilliantly and the older team won silver in both the National and open category of the event with their ‘Back to the Future’ routine.

What a weekend!
Videos of all the routines are here.
Full results are here.
There are some amazing photos on the Scottish Swimming fickr site here.
One of our parents took some incredible photos of the event. The team photos are on our new club flickr page here.