2021 Awards

Again, due to the pandemic there were very few competitions but the club awards were handed out at the AGM all the same, except the Champion of the Year. Star Awards were presented by the coach of each team.
They went to:
Beginner – Eve
Grade 1 – Zofia
Grade 2+ – Niamh M
13-15 – Olivia
Junior – Maddie

Our club awards were also presented:
Beginner’s Cup – Pola
Senior Achievement Shield – Baylee
Samantha Ritchie Achievement Shield – Torri

Each year the swimmers vote to decide who receives the Coach of the Year Quaich and who will be the Club Captain for the forthcoming year. Margo won the Quaich and Baylee and Kiku the Club Captaincy.
Congratulations to all our trophy winners.